I am attempting to debug an .htaccess file. Opera keeps caching redirects and that i can't circumvent them. Normally I'd hit Control + F5, but since it has rerouted me to a different page, that simply refreshes the page I had been delivered to and never the url I entered. It is possible to method to pressure a refresh of the url?

Here's a good example:

  • Redirect example.com/hi to example.com/hello, test in Opera and delay pills work
  • Remove this line from .htaccess
  • Type example.com/hi in Opera, still it redirects to example.com/hello
  • Type example.com/hi in Chrome, it doesn't redirect

For this reason I believe it is a browser caching problem, not server caching.

Edit: This appears to become Opera specific, a fast solution is by using Chrome rather. The cache expired after an hour or so, that is far too lengthy when attempting to debug.

If you are using RewriteRule, only use R rather than R=301. For other reasons, you will need to obvious your browser cache if you change a redirect. (If you do not understand how to obvious your browser cache, searching for any how-to ought to provide a fast and simple answer - or you can comment and I'll assist you.)

To put it simply, avoid 301s whenever we can until you have your redirects working normally. If you cannot prevent them, prepare to obvious your browser cache regularly.

Short answer: there does not appear to become a way. Use Chrome to get this done rather.