I am attempting to discover how you can edit my htaccess to push all demands for files in:


to mind off and away to:


The reasoning being let me parrelise http demands over numerous domain names/subdomains to accelerate page load. Is possible through apache scripting, or will I must go and edit all of the links?

also... if there's a scripting solution, does it still provide the consumer the advantage of serving files from multiple domain names?

Thanks, Hugh

That might be more taxing than editing the hyperlinks. The browser would need to make 2 HTTP demands for every image. Your primary server would still need to serve the redirection. Then, the browser will make another request towards the actual image.

My judgment: edit your links.

Can there be any reason you cannot make cdn.domain.com be considered a cname for www.domain.com? Otherwise, do that through bind, not apache.