Men, I've domain title registered at ..

I've apache Http Server used having a static Ip, it forwards(proxypass) request to some server that returns JSON reactions; i have application/json .json within the mimetype in addition to "AddType application/json .json too for that mime_module.

Basically execute a GET request around the URL i get the expected JSON only results.{%22type%22:%20%22Point%22,%20%22coordinates%22:%20[38.9955000,-77.2884000],%22radius%22:%2210.0%22}

it'll return the expected JSON ONLY response:

basically alter the static Ip to my domain title of "" it returns produced HTML using the connect to the url that returns JSON?...

 executionTime(ms): 307
 totalHitCount: 0
 eventList: [ ]

returns below: HTML using the link covered with it... also it breaks when Relaxation clients calls it(Returns HTML having a connect to the JSON)

if u need to see what is return we're using Fundamental AUTH. username:test_account password:password

thank you for any help!

It appears any request delivered to will get displayed inside a frame. Searching in the supply of, I recieve:{%22type%22:%20%22Point%22,%20%22coordinates%22:%20[38.9955000,-77.2884000],%22radius%22:%2210.0%22}

I am speculating there is something set up inside a .htaccess file maybe or perhaps in whatever webapp is serving up that content to show everything arriving to inside a frame.