I'm posting some parameters right into a website, that is encoded with ISO-8859-9 with Apache HttpClient 4.1 and i'm posting using encoding UTF-8.(Apache only accepts utf-8 and ISO_8859_1) However, fact is coming with invalid figures. Are you able to assist me to to repair this?

        HttpHost proxy = new HttpHost("xx.xx.x.x",xxxx);
        DefaultHttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient();


        HttpPost httpost = new HttpPost(url);
        List<NameValuePair> nvps = new ArrayList<NameValuePair>();
        nvps.add(new BasicNameValuePair("aranan", song));
        httpost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nvps,HTTP.UTF_8));

        HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httpost);
        HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity();
        System.out.println("???????????????????" + entity.getContentEncoding());
        in = entity.getContent();