I've got a WAMP 2. server placed on Win XP . Apache version : 2.2.11 PHP Version : 5.3 MySQL : 5.1.36

I've about 11 tables within the mysql . Each run of my web application (HTML/Jquery/PHP/MySQL) fills about 100 rows by 50 percent from the tables.(Among the table has 2 Lengthy blob posts where data of size up to 20MB is submitted, I've transformed the Max_permitted_packet size to 32M during my.ini file )

The applying works acceptable for about 3 days until the amount of rows within the table reaches >1500 .

I Quickly begin to see the httpd crash message (Apache httpd experienced error and requires to shut )also it states illegal memory refernce Please find below some logs

szAppName : httpd.exe     szAppVer :     szModName : php5ts.dll     
szModVer :     offset : 0000c309     


Basically obvious the 2 tables (1500 > rows ). Still the issue is seen .

I'm using PDO PHP to update the tables.

Can anybody guide me because this is being a blocker.

Regards, Mithun


I've got a suspicion that you're striking a 2gb quality wall. 2 issues with your setup:

  • First problem: You're running that one home windows.
  • Second problem: You're running this on home windows. :-)


Jokes aside. Mysql stores data in the root folder ( for example C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.0data ). Each subfolder matches a db in your soul demonstration of mysql. Inside each folder there personal files with extension .frm which matches your tables. Find out if the table you're storing your uploads was approaching a couple GB limit. Thinking about that you've a column that store uploads As Much As 20 Megabytes * 1500 rows - that's roughly around 2 GBs ( presuming producing files are more compact than 20 Megabytes) Regrettably Home windows XP has truly difficult time coping with files larger than 2GB - restrictions from the file system and OS. It's the same reason people get in danger using their outlook - because they do not sort or clean their emails.


Third problem - You're storing binary data inside a db - never advisable. Store it on disk - and merely keep mention of the it ( title or path) inside your db. Or keep the current setup for some time should you proceed to *nix system that supports bigger file dimensions. But this really is still an awful idea to keep binary data of this size inside your DB directly. Additionally, it makes your DB searches reduced, and backup copies MUCH reduced ( since there's very difficult incremental backup in mysql)

Hope that can help.


I didn't remember to say as you are using WAMP, you mysql folder could be inside your wamp installation folder. Automatically It ought to be in c:wampmysqldata - however i don't remember without a doubt. I personally use xampp when on home windows, usually.

You will find plenty of possible explanations why this really is happening. Are you currently keeping a range of all of the 20 Megabytes objects in memory? As that develops you may be growing the per process size apache to the stage where you stand from memory.