I am running Rails 2.3.3 application that is used with passenger/mod_rails with ruby-enterprise-1.8.6-20090610 and apache httpd.

However , whenever I deploy our application, 100s of httpd processes start dying. I am getting this error:

[notice] child pid NNNNN exit signal Segmentation fault(11)

Following a short time 10-20min. individuals errors pass off.

This issue began after moving our database to some separate and devoted machine. And So I think maybe it's a problem from the mysql-db connection pools and management, however I am unable to define it.

Does anybody may help me with this particular problem or simply produce an idea how you can debug it much deeper. Thanks ahead of time.

Begin by enabling core dumps in your server.

Then run it to obtain a core file to obtain a backtrace and obtain a preliminary concept of in which the server is core dumping.

I am going throught exactly the same problem right now. Avoid Rails though.