I must install an Apache server right into a folder like c:anything思怞怟anything2 under home windows. After I attempt to start the service it sais that:

httpd: Syntax error on line xx of C:/anything/\xe6\x80\x98\xe6\x80\x99\e6\80\9a/anything2/apache/conf/httpd.conf: ServerRoot must be a valid directory

Does anybody possess a solution?

Does anybody possess a solution?

Avoid that? :-)

Unicode filenames on Home windows are a massive problem for software speaking towards the OS through byte-based connects, like the C standard library (stdio) functions uncovered through the MS CRT.

Although other platforms have mostly standardised on UTF-8 because the encoding for filenames, Home windows uses the locale-specific system default code page (misleadingly referred to as ‘ANSI’). On the Western Home windows install which will normally be code page 1252 (much like ISO-8859-1) on the Chinese install you receive code page 936 (much like GB-2312). Files whose names don't fit completely within that code page — for example 思怞怟 on the Western machine, or Dobrý den on the Chinese machine — will just be inaccessible.

You are able to improve your system code page from User Interface -> Regional Options -> Advanced -> Language for non-Unicode programs. However even when you're considering cp936 to obtain the Chinese figures Apache seems to become attempting to scribe its filename to UTF-8 regardless. Regrettably you are able to only select from a restricted selection of the code pages that Home windows defaults to within the different regions you aren't getting UTF-8.

The only way I'm able to think about to have it to operate from this type of folder title is always to grab that old-school DOS 8.3 filename, that is ASCII-only. You can observe the 8.3 filenames in the command-line using dir /x, when the feature is switched on inside your filesystem. You will probably find the folder comes with an 8.3 title of something similar to F8D5~1. Invoke Apache out of this path rather than 思怞怟 also it should a minimum of start... though for those who have anymore non-ASCII filenames you are only getting loads more problems.