I have been playing a bit with Arc/Anarki and Clojure recently. But things i miss is one thing like mod_arc or mod_clojure for Apache. Things I miss is nice Apache integration for any Lispy web language.

Both Arc and Clojure use their very own built-in webserver that you simply launch in your code. I would like all of the functionality, resiliency and scalability that Apache httpd provides me with. Is anybody focusing on an Apache module for Arc or Clojure? Can there be another Lisp like language will be able to use with Apache? Can there be a credit card applicatoin server like Apache Tomcat will be able to use having a Lisp like web language?

I originate from experience in PHP and Perl. But additionally have plenty of experience in C and /bin/sh. For how long I began writing web applications I had been using cgi-bin and stdin to C binaries.

Thanks, Smutt

You are able to setup a Clojure/Java HTTP server (Jetty, etc.) running on some port, then use Apache's mod_proxy to forward certain demands from Apache to Clojure on that port. Something similar to this inside your Apache configs:

    ProxyPass /static !
    ProxyPass /cgi-bin !
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080/

So Apache will be sending every request for your Clojure application on port 8080 except demands to things in /static and /cgi-bin, which Apache will handle itself.

Maybe mod_lisp works?

Using Clojure and Compojure, you will get WAR-archives that may be used in virtually any JEE-webserver (Jetty, Tomcat etc.).

Clojure is really a JVM language, which means you should have the ability to arrange it virtually like every other Java application.

Hunchentoot, an internet server in/for Common Lisp, may also be used behind Apache, through mod_lisp2.

Why don't you use CGI?