I'm running IIS and Apache HTTP Server side-by-side on my small localhost machine, and Apache is listening on the different port (port 81). IIS is hearing port 80. However, I'm able to only reach my virtual domain names for Apache basically type for the reason that port number. So for example:

http://virtual.myvirtualdomain.com:81 http://virtual.myvirtualdomain2.com:81

How do i allow it to be so Apache instantly knows it's port 81, and doesn't pressure me to enter in the port number?


The solution seems to become that I have to redirect IIS to Apache. Can anybody provide clarification how that's completed with IIS 5.1?

It isn't dependent on telling Apache, it's dependent on the browser understanding what for connecting to. You are either going to need to have IIS redirect to Apache, or quit.

You need to enter in the port number so that your client knows where you can connect with. It has nothing related to the server.

On Unix systems you may have the ability to modify your /etc/services to list out 81 as port for http. But that will effectively disable use of all websites which are situated on port 80.

Alternatively you are able to configure your IIS on port 80 to in your area proxy demands for that sites that are on apache. Then all clients would request the IIS for any page, which may create a local link with port 81.

Used to do more research also it works out that you simply can't redirect IIS 5.1 to Apache because that will require multiple Internet sites (setup as redirects towards the virtual hosts on Apache on port 81). The reason being IIS 5.1 on Home windows XP Professional can't do multiple Internet sites (running simultaneously with no scripting hack). Well i guess.

What about you swap it? Make Apache listen on port 80, IIS on port 81 for anything you need and also have Apache redirect? Apache should not be limited to exactly the same one-website per machine that IIS 5.1 is.

You cannot. The 81 is telling your browser where you can search for Apache.

You cannot.

It is the job of the web client to specify the main harbour, and before you do specify that port it will not even achieve Apache.

What you might potentially do is have IIS also listen for the similar HTTP/1.1 virtual hosts, after which arrange for this to problem a 302 Moved redirect to transmit your browser right port number.

Alternatively, operate a second Ip in your machine, and bind IIS towards the original Ip and Apache towards the second. This way you don't have to use different ports whatsoever.

There's no method of doing precisely what you request. The only way is always to configure IIS -- for that virtual domain names being offered by IIS -- to toward Apache on port 81. With this particular configuration, the customer wouldn't be conscious that their demands were passing through IIS enroute to Apache. Rather less efficient, however it would solve your requirements.