Hi I am reading through on Ivy the very first time coupled with a couple of quick questions:

  1. Need confirmation: the IvyDE wordpress plugin can be used to configure only the ivyconf.xml apply for all workspace projects, correct?
  2. Where performs this ivyconf.xml live? I am running Home windows 7 and should not find this hidden .ivy directory anywhere!
  3. Where would you usually place a project's ivy.xml along with other xml config files?

Thank you for any nudges within the right direction!

  1. IvyDE permit you to resolve dependencies per project. You could utilize separate ivyconf.xml in various projects.
  2. You can place ivyconf.xml (or ivysettings.xml) in which you want. You could utilize one per project (when i do) a treadmill for those projects (when i did before).
  3. Usually I put ivy.xml beside Ant's build.xml within the cause of my project. But ivysettings.xml I place in project/etc/ivysettings/ directory.

My team utilizes a separate build project in Eclipse that stores the ivysettings.xml file. The IvyDE wordpress plugin offers the Ivy dependency container the Java projects may use. IvyDE can optionally allow inter-project dependency resolution, but this really is off automatically.

I'd suggest altering an order of classpath records within the Ivy Classpath configuration to lexical, otherwise it shows dependencies within the order from the ivy.xml file.

Each project must have their very own ivy.xml file - we stick to the same pattern as Alexey uses of utilizing the project's top-level directory.

I have not used at all an ivyconf.xml file - a fast google indicates it is really an alternative (older, deprecated?) reputation for the ivysettings.xml file.

You will have to write your personal ivysettings.xml file to inform IvyDE where your databases are and which resolvers to make use of. Leave a comment if you are thinking about a good example ivysettings.xml file.

Which databases are you currently using? Maven Central? Establishing your personal repository with Nexus, Artifactory or simply while using file system?