I've got a blog, dynamic (php) and static content (images, css, js). I researched a great deal to find benchmarks on each server and determined that there are really no best server. Therefore I am searching for returns on experience to find the good combination.

Update in reaction to wheaties: well, me are I believe, just like everybody I want my pages to load rapidly--including static content--an I want the greatest HTTP queries/second rate possible. Also, if it can benefit, I am using MongoDB. Btw, will i still have to cache my DB queries with this particular?

Regarding Apache and Nginx:

I made use of Apache for nearly ten years. I Quickly discovered Nginx.
Rapidly I discovered Nginx appealing

  • easy and effective C code
  • configuration syntax is intuitive and stylish
  • Nginx was constructed with performance and efficiency in your mind. It is incredibly efficient, despite 1000's of connections.
  • php-fpm utilizes Nginx

So, I would suggest, between your two (Apache and Nginx), Nginx.

Lighttpd established fact for serving static content. Nginx is a great choice for dynamic (php) pages. I have heard about couple of sites designed to use lighttpd just for serving static content.

Lighttpd for static content plus some caching scripts for dynamic (PHP).