i am getting trouble being able to access my localhost: it will not appear to load! chrome states "Oops! Google Chrome couldn't connect with localhost" and more suggestions and opera provides a timeout error. As if they're searching for localhost on the internet. i've also attempted 127...1 with similar result. I've Apache installed and earlier i'd obtain a 404 error. i eliminated that by crippling SQL confirming services (i've MS SQL installed aswell). Basically do "Wamp icon>>Apache>>Services>>Test port 80" it states:

"Your port 80 isn't really used"

i've also ensured that

127...1 localhost

is incorporated in the "host" file.

I've been trying to puzzle out the issue because the past three days but havnt been capable of finding a solution.

I'd appreciate if anybody might help. Thanks.

OS: Home windows 7 ultimate x64

See your home windows folder from C:, navigate to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc search for Host (Note: since this is home windows 7, u will not be aalows to change the host file=====> Open a notepad as administrator, from file ---Open--- navigate here-->C:WindowsSystem32driversetc, open host) scroll lower the page, and make certain the neighborhood host is getting this IP ---> 127...1 before it

Attempt to make certain a course is not using port 80 - For those who have skype or related programs running, check them. Maybe boot into home windows in safe mode and check out running WAMP - whether it works you realize something is applying port 80.