I've got a site that utilizes IBM Websphere Portal technology by having an Apache web server inside. This content for the site is saved in Oracle's UCM (the net cms).

Whenever a user of the site requests an internet page, a request such as this is drenched within the Apache log - - [26/Jun/2010:11:16:09 +1000] "GET /wps/myportal/[site]/[site-section]/?CDF=xxxx HTTP/1.1"

where ?CDF=xxxx are URL parameters telling the net cms which content page to obtain.

The net analysis/confirming tool I'm using (Sawmill) doesn't appear to know the URL parameters and reviews lots of 'hits' around the URL in the [site]/[site-section] level i.e. it is not identifying hits on pages for the reason that portion of the site, exactly that the request was for something for the reason that section.

Im searching for an internet log analyzer/confirming tool that may:

  • comprehend the parameters and set of 'hits' for specific content pages underneath the [site-section] e.g maybe Sawmill or similar could be set up to know the URL parameters, or
  • a method to convert what's recorded within the logs to ensure that an ordinary website analyzer/confirming tool can comprehend it.

Any help appreciated :)

Perhaps you have seen AWStats.

You are able to check out a demo at this link

Although the demo doesn't show it - particularly you are able to let the querystrings to become monitored individually by setting