I've got a rewrite rule that appears such as this:

RewriteRule ^foo/bar/([\w]+)/files/([\S\s]+)$ /mydirectory/$1/$2

Let me have GET demands visit /mydirectory/$1/$2 and Publish demands go somewhere different. Is something that'll possible using mod-rewrite?

Thanks, Ben

yes - make use of the_REQUEST variable. See the docs

Great! Thanks SB.

This is what Used to do, for reference:

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} GET
RewriteRule ^foo/bar([\w]+)/files/([\S\s]+)$ /mydirectory/$1/$2

RewriteRule ^foo/bar/([\w]+)/files/([\S\s]+)$ /somewherelse/$1/$2

This redirects Posts 'somewhereelse' and Reaches 'mydirectory'.