I don't know if this sounds like the write factor but for this reason i'm asking for help.

I've server one (Apache) and server 2 (IIS). Server you have exterior access but server 2 doesn't. I have to host http content on each of them on port 80. Without altering ports around the firewall etc., is it feasible that i can redirect a phone call from server someone to server 2?

e.g. User would go to www.test.com/1.html this really redirects the consumer to some internal http server (server) and serve this content normally.

If this sounds like possible are you able to help with writing from the mod rule


You should use mod_rewrite along with mod_proxy, for instance:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/1\.html$ http://iis.local/1.html [P]

But you must have both mod_rewrite and mod_proxy available.

mod_rewrite is perfect for spinning the URI -- technology-not only to remove an HTTP 301 (redirect), but what for you to do is really proxy the net traffic with the Apache server, towards the IIS servers.

Consider mod_proxy.