hi men i've 4 servers, and i wish to merge all of them with one domain for instance, things i am doing now

games.example.org world wide web.example.org and so on. i wish to

if anyone access world wide web.example.org/games/

i wish to show within the browser world wide web.example.org/games/ virtually but physically it files is going to be located within the games.example.org server ?

how you can?

Pure mod_rewrite rules won't be enough, given that they require mod_proxy too to create the subrequests work properly. Particularly if you want all of the absolute links to become auto rewritten because the page is offered back. For those who have full use of Apache, this code may be used within the virtualhost portion of your world wide web.example.org domain:

<Location  /games>
        ProxyPassReverse http://games.example.org
        ProxyPassReverse http://games.example.org:80

        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteRule games(.*)$ http://games.example.org/$1 [QSA,P,L]

The final RewriteRule is precisely what you'll need, however the "P" flag will not work unless of course you are able to load mod_proxy too. Make certain to load mod_proxy most abundant in limited configurations and permit proxy demands although the ProxyPass directives.

Also ProxyPassReverse won't operate in .htaccess. It needs to maintain the Apache vhost config itself.

Hope that can help!

things i am getting now

<Location  /games>
    ProxyPassReverse http://games.example.com
    ProxyPassReverse http://games.example.com:80
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule games(.*)$ http://games.example.com/$1 [QSA,P,L]

it's working but its giving me this url world wide web.example.com/web/login.php that will raise 404 page not found how do i append word games in a URL when you are such as this world wide web.example.com/games/web/login.php ?