I am serving Django with mod_wsgi and Apache... regrettably demands are coming back 502 Bad Gateway error messages...

Received a invalid response

HttpResponse('OK') is impacted by this

render_to_response('...') isn't!

any ideas?!?

realy strange...

Since the render_to_fact is implemented with HttpResponse. Maybe there's an issue with your string inside HttpResponse().

  • Unicode Error?
  • Wrong Mimetype?
  • problem around your published code..

Are you currently utilizing a proxy front-end for example nginx? The mod_wsgi module does not generate this kind of error. The only real scenario where can think this may occur, considering that cant understand why Django would produce a 502, is you are utilizing mod_wsgi embedded mode with nginx front-end proxy, and also the Apache server child process is crashes.

Where are you currently seeing this error message, within the browser or perhaps in the net server log files? Perhaps you have looked carefully at Apache error log files for just about any other messages? Particularly search for segmentation fault message in primary Apache error log (not virtual host error log).