I have looked through stackoverflow for any similiar problem, but no solutions appear to operate.

I am running WAMP and also have a network drive T: which I wish to use being an alias in Apache. To date I've added:

Alias /p ps-file.server_location.eduA$
< Directory /p>
Order allow,deny
Allow all
< / Directory>

However, whenever I attempt to gain access to localhost/p I recieve a 403 forbidden message saying, "You do not have permission to gain access to /p about this server." Any suggestions?

I've attempted altering the logon configurations in services.msc, but this stops apache from beginning altogether.

EDIT: I also need to enter my login information for that network drive the very first time I hook it up. Can One in some way give apache my login information?

Why don't you just alias to T:, as with Alias /p T:\? Otherwise, my prediction is the fact that Apache does not possess the necessary permissions to gain access to the required UNC (particularly, the A$ bit is most likely messing some misconception because it is a unique share).