I have to set no-gzip flag if your request is from the Mozilla browser and also the content being asked for uses the mime type application/pdf. This appears like it ought to be fairly trivial, but I am getting some trouble determining the right way of indicating it.

I have got the browser check while using following:

BrowserMatch ^Mozilla moz

From things i understand, that statement sets the atmosphere variable 'moz' to true when the browser is Mozilla. Following this though, I am getting some trouble. Particularly, I can not appear to find away out to determine this content-type that will be came back. From searching at a listing of apache atmosphere variables, HTTP_ACCEPT appeared related, however i aren't able to find a mention of proper syntax for checking. From lessons which i read, I'd assumed that something like:

%{HTTP_ACCEPT} application/pdf pdf

would set the 'pdf' variable to true, however the apache sever wouldn't start (giving the strong hint that that isn't right whatsoever). A colliege also pointed out that he'd thought a directive known as mime is available, which enables you to determine the content-type as:

mime application/pdf pdf

Similarly though, I could not have that to operate either (and that i aren't able to find any mention of the this type of directive even existing). Could someone explain good quality beginner assets that will produce an idea concerning how to perform these inspections and reference variables correctly? I have mostly been checking the apache documentation itself and a few of their lessons, however i should be missing something.

For reference, the documentation I have been searching at so far:



Thanks ahead of time for just about any help.

You are very close, the deflate documentation includes a sample configuration that shows how you can gzip specific files or how you can exempt certain files:


Put the BrowserMatch rules inside a FilesMatch to ensure they are only affect Ebooks.


That will work, best of luck!


After more information in the question poster it appears that mod_filter should have the ability to mix conditions for User-Agent (Browser) and Content-Type. (discussion in comments)