I've an ubuntu installation on my small laptop i personally use for web application development. After i key in http://localhost/blah.php i see my php web site when i would with all of css style loaded and rendering fine.

After i attempt to connect with this same apache server from the remote machine by typing within the Ip the page loads but with no css styling whatsoever. I additionally obtain the same issue attempting to connect with the apache server from the virtual machine on a single box. I must understand this working in order to test my web applications in IE but clearly css not loading is a concern. Any tips ?

Consider your source code and appear the way your style sheets are recommended.

For those who have references to http://localhost/mystylesheet.css, that's your condition immediately.

In the event that does not help, attempt to access a method sheet directly (go into the address within the browser) and inform us what goes on. Also publish the URL you're using. The mind from the HTML document you're calling would be also useful.