I've Apache setup through XAMPP on the Home windows 7 x64 system, and for whatever reason it is not serving any error pages. I've

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html 

placed in both httpd.conf and .htaccess during my webroot dir, but whenever I actively request a webpage that does not exist to check it, Apache returns nothing whatsoever - not my 404 error page or even the default Apache 404 page, only a blank page, without a penny inside it whatsoever. I believe this is among the "soft 404" problems, since the Apache logs and Chrome both state that the request the non-existent page led to a 200 OK response, however i have no clue how you can repair it, because I am not receiving everything from the server. The logs don't let me know anything, and my searches on the internet / etc. haven't led to any solutions for that problem I am facing. Can it be that because I am utilizing a PHP semi-redirect script to route all demands that will go to http://localhost/* to http://localhost/testing/ that errors are now being produced after which construed as not errors? For instance, a request http://localhost/foo.html will redirect to http://localhost/testing/ (not /testing/foo.html, but this really is expected behavior), but a request http://locahost/testing/foo.html (which does not exist) can lead to a empty page along with a 200 OK from Apache. Basically request a webpage that is available though It's my job to get things i want, but sometimes Apache will even send back nothing whatsoever for any PHP script that is available - for instance I am having fun with sNews, along with a request index.php (http://localhost/testing/snews/index.php) can lead to an empty page, even if the page has HTML which should display even when there is nothing parsed / placed.

Other than the, PHP, MySQL, Perl, and almost anything else works perfectly. An ordinary page will load whether it is available, and also the only issues that exist are individuals described above, which is really annoying since it is stopping me from finishing a particular project. Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.