I've mac os x and would really like the built-in apache webserver to operate. And so i open "System Preferences", click "Discussing" and let "Web discussing". Web server begins (apparantly) and also the system shows two links that we may use. The first is just my ip and also the other is my ip/username. Both links just lead to "no connection" error within the browser. It does not seem to achieve apache whatsoever, like apache is not running. And so i open terminal and enter "ps aux grep apache", no apache process found. Then i try the next command: "netstat -ln grep ':80 ' grep 'LISTEN'" and absolutely nothing is came back. Therefore it seems apache is not running... Why would the machine system preference let me know otherwise?

And just how can one repair it?

I'd use Terminal (/Programs/Utilities), and continue to start apache in the command line.

Do this to assist debug:
sudo party -x /usr/sbin/apachectl -k start

when it's dying quietly. Also, look into the error_log at: /var/log/apache2/error_log

You should use TextEdit for that error_log, if you think at ease with a GUI text editor.

Tell me the way it goes!