I'm attempting to follow these recommendations (http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#cookie_free) to create my page load faster, I've produced a static subdomain to load static content from, yet it's counseling me not to have snacks sent about this subdomain, any applying for grants the way i might have the ability to do that in apache / php ? I have looked around and develop nothing yet.

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Should you never clearly set a cookie, snacks will not show up around the server. So, if you work with the 2nd domain simply like a repository for images or CSS files, probably no snacks are ever set.

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If you notice a 'Request' cookie header to some subdomain you won't want to have snacks, obvious your snacks if the server ever transmits a cookie header within the Response headers. Whether it does, it's possible you've session.auto_start enabled, or you've got a script that sets snacks.

You should check the Request and Response Headers using something similar to Firebug with Google Page Speed.

It is simple to take proper care of this in PHP. Whenever you set your cookie, the parameter that should be set may be the domain parameter. Frequently, this really is set to ".domain.com" to really make it on any subdomain. Rather, you could try setting it to "www.domain.com" to limit it to that particular domain. Browse the PHP manual's setcookie() documentation.