I'd an php apliccation with mssql2000 (sql server 2000) , I am using appserv 2.5.9 with apache2 and php5.

I have upgraded my computer to Home windows 7 Ultimate x64, and tryied to operate the applying, however it would go to sloooooooooooooooooooow

Since like 24 months, works perfectly fine (not application problem, with no db problem, works fine being produced enviroment so, and before i upgraded, therefore it is not the applying).

i demonstrated for connecting to my localhost/phpmyadmin and works fine (in oder words works fine apache, php and mysql)

i believe some how can it be my win7x64-Ultimate or mabye a configuration problem between apache and mssql.

Help, anybody could know why happening??? (i have restart my computer like 8 occasions so that isn't the issue) (i have reinstalled appserv, and absolutely nothing happened) (don't suggest using xampp, please =D)

any help could be fortunate


i have been attempting to discover what is the problem and that i discovered that maybe it's a DNS problem because in win7 this lines are said within the hosts file

127...1 localhost

and so i uncomment the road -> restart apache and absolutely nothing happend

I've also shown to access this site by http://127.0.01/mysite rather to localhost to bypass the DNS but appears to become a litle litle bit faster, but nonetheless sloooooooow