Good day to any or all.

I've got a little funny trouble which i don't really understand how to... begin debugging.

I've got a site with a few articles along with other stuff, according to symfony ( Nothing unusual till now.

The funny part is the fact that it sometimes works ok, it sometimes gives timout (for the similar page).

The truth is which i received it for debugging, I did not allow it to be and so i can't provide 2 many particulars. All I am asking is: do you consider is definitely an apache problem (that's my own opinion till now, I began some logging but I'll obtain the data later)? Or else you think is code related (I'd have excluded this however it appears that there has been some code altering lately with no server changes and before it had been working ok)?

The issue was initially spotted on:, however i handled 2 reproduce it on home page, along with other pages.

Edited: added screen shot. Also I handled to breed by having an image same with almost certainly apache problem (even though it produced a lot more harder).

enter image description here

In my opinion, when the scripts takes too lengthy, the server respond having a timeout. If you're debugging and prevent the execution for too lengthy (unsure just how much, one minute approximately) the server shows a timeout. I believe your script is within a loop or something like that like this.

I discovered the problem. Well not quite however is not my problem anymore. I had been searching for the logs when all of a sudden the server cease working. And So I pinged it and ping unsuccessful. So the issue is type of obvious and it is the hosting. (server not reacting to ping type of removes any programming issues.)