I observed on Rackspace, when utilizing an Ubuntu instance (10.04 standard Light setup), the ".php" suffix on the URL is optional. ie www.example.com/thispage loads thispage.php

After I setup a really similar server on Amazon . com (default AWS 32-bit ami a flavor of CentOS/Red-colored Hat) and in your area on osX 10.6, the ".php" suffix is needed. www.example.com/thispage returns a 404 error, while /thispage.php loads the file not surprisingly.

Probably the most likely cause, i believe a minimum of, is the fact that you will find different default configurations in php.ini or even the Apache configuration between these different configurations, however i can't determine what it's. Can anybody show me where this difference originates from?

NOTE: I understand this is often overcome using mod_rewrite, I am just curious regarding this difference within the default designs.

See if the MultViews-Choice is set.

Whether it does, and there's no directory such as this(e.g. "thispage") , the server will search for files using the filename "thispage" and then any extension and deliver(if any found) the very best match.

the reply is this http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.hiding.php#45896 , but you are gonna need to access httpd.conf file