I'm running Apache 2.3.16 with PHP 5.3.9. I in addition have a 3rd party .Internet dll that I wish to use. I'm able to effectively load the dll using PHP's DOTNET object, however i am getting an issue after i call among the object's techniques. This is actually the error message I recieve:

Source: System.Home windows.Forms Description: Showing a modal dialog box or form once the application isn't running in UserInteractive mode isn't a valid operation. Specify the ServiceNotification or DefaultDesktopOnly style to show a notification from the service application.

So apparently there's some message or error being produced within the dll that's leading to a pop-up box. However , I am unable to observe that pop-as much as get sound advice about this. I realize that i'm around the client side, which pop-up is produced around the server, however i still have to know what it's.

Here's what I've attempted to date:

  • Around the Apache service, check "Allow plan to communicate with desktop"
  • Getting in touch with the developer from the dll to ascertain if they are fully aware what error may be appearing
  • Used exactly the same dll inside a simple Home windows application to ascertain if I possibly could have an error

None of those approaches has produced anything. Can there be other things I'm able to try?


Per Charles' idea, I went this program from php.exe. I attempted using the -a option (run interactively) and without, and in the two cases this program went perfectly (no errors, output not surprisingly). So, what could make it run properly in the command prompt but give errors from the client browser?

Because of the men at http://www.apachelounge.com who provided some direction.

First, I attempted running Apache in the console (instead of like a Home windows service). After I did that, this program labored not surprisingly. This really is good, but it's at the minimum bothersome to try and run Apache in the console constantly, since the console needs to most probably for this to carry on running.

So at that time, I attempted running Apache like a Home windows service, but like a different user compared to normal SYSTEM. This did work, in order to now run Apache like a service, as well as for some (in my experience, a minimum of) reason the various user made a big difference.