Our application uses POI API (poi-2.5.1.jar) for reading through from stand out files and also to create stand out files.

Later on the applying must also support Home windows 7.

However I think POI API doesn't support Home windows 7 stand out.

1) What's the alternative ?

2) It is possible to solution available that is backward compatible too ?

Thank you for reading through!

I believe you're confused. There's no "Home windows 7 Stand out", you will find just different versions of Stand out. Most particularly, there's the pre-2003 office extendable (.xls or HSSF in POI enunciation) and also the new XML-based format (.xlsx or XSSF in POI enunciation).

POI supports both and also the distinction is rather transparent from the user model perspective, though you'll most likely have to adapt old XLS-only code.