I'm using Apache POI-HSSF for dealing with Stand out files.

I've got a cell during my spreadsheet that appears like "115". I verified that it's formatted as "Text" (Format Cells -> Text).

However, after i see clearly in as row.getCell().toString()

I recieve this string: "115."

This really is incorrect. I ought to receive "115" becasue it is clearly formatted as Text. How do i obtain the preferred result? The cell could be anything, amounts or figures, and that i expect exactly the same string as with the cell. Thanks

Formatted as text does not necessarily mean saved as text, they are different. Stand out has saved your cell like a number, so when you request POI for that cell you receive a number cell back.

Should you request the cell you receive back what kind it's, you'll uncover it's of type CELL_TYPE_Number and never CELL_TYPE_STRING

What you will probably wish to accomplish is make use of the DataFormatter class to possess your cell formatted according to Stand out. It'll take a look as if you expect. (As will cells formatted as currency, rates etc too)