I'm running an Apache 2.2.3 proxy server to cover my after sales machines from customers. I added personal files upload plan to my webservices however, files bigger than 128 kb are coming back http Status Code of 413. I understand what this means is Request entity too big, and that i have searched the web searching for an answer.

I've transformed my php.ini file to possess max_execution_time = 3000, max_input_time = 6000, memory_limit = 128M, publish_max_size = 20M, upload_max_filesize = 20M, default_socket_timeout = 6000. This did not help, when i suspected it can't. I'm carrying out a Relaxation call from Java for that webservice it's not PHP.

I've transformed the maxHttpHeaderSize in server.xml to 20000000 around the proxy connector to try and permit more details circulation through. Again this didn't do anything and my limit continues to be at 128 kb.

I've also added the LimitRequestBody 20000000 Directive towards the Location block for that webservice files is going to be submitted from. It can did not work.

Presently all 3 have established yourself with no improvement. I'm still only in a position to send max 128 kb files with the proxy.

After I attempt to send personal files straight to the after sales machine without needing the proxy it really works perfectly fine without considering the dimensions.

Any suggestions regarding how to fix this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I've determined exactly what the problem was, and in which the 128k limit happens.

In mod_ssl it uses the default ssl settlement size as 128k, when you are performing an upload we instantly negotiate for security reasons.

I needed to add and customize the SSLRenegBufferSize directive within the Locations and Sites that needed a bigger than 128k buffer on renegotiation. It has labored like no bodies business for me personally.

Hope it will help other people that encounters this limit, or had this.