We're using ProxyPass to redirect all "/r" demands to jboss on port 18080 the following:

ProxyPreserveHost on
ProxyPass /r http://localhost:18080/redirectService/
ProxyPassReverse /r http://localhost:18080/redirectService/

But, that triggers the Ip drenched in jboss's access log as "127...1". Does somebody know exactly how should we preserve the initial IP where the request arrived HttpServletRequest? You want to acesss it from jboss servlet request in doGet()

You will get the initial host from X-Submitted-For header area.

If you possess the capacity to do this, I would suggest using either mod-jk or mod-proxy-ajp to pass through demands from Apache to JBoss. The AJP protocol is a lot more efficient in comparison to presenting HTTP proxy demands so that as an advantage, JBoss might find the request as from the original client and never Apache.

You could attempt using XForwardedFilter.