I am using Apache with passenger to operate a rails application. During my rails application, I've some static content in subdirectories from the public directory. Each subdirectory comes with an index.html inside it.

So, within the public directory, I've got a subdir known as 'b' and within it, is definitely an index.html. Therefore it is such as this:


I've links to those pages, from the form:


Basically do that during my regular non-rails web directory, Apache properly rewrites this Hyperlink to be http://a.com/b/ which in turn, subsequently shows the index.html. It's only if being able to access my rails application it does not work. Actually, basically switch off passenger mod... therefore it just accesses my rails application just like a regular document root, it really works properly also.

What is should i do in order to get this work correctly with passenger? Again, it really works fine in apache itself when passenger isn't involved.

I'm running passenger 2.1.3. I've another server running passenger 2. that does not appear to possess this issue, however i aren't seeing anything different within the config apart from the various versions of passenger itself.

HELP! Been focusing on this for 2 days solid without any improvement!

Have you got [cde] on? That may hinder index pages.

Add the next rewrite rule for your apache config: