i attempt to complete 301 redirect out of this address: /web/8888/nsf/sbs.py?&_ID=9884&did=3025&PF=14&G=9884&SM=9884&lang=HE&_UserReference=956357C53FD2C8024C725EE5

for this address: /?page=product&p_id=9884

the 9884 value is dynamic value others always not

I use:

Redirect 301 "/web/8888/nsf/sbs.py?&_ID=9884&did=3025&PF=14&G=9884&SM=9884&lang=HE&_UserReference=956357C53FD2C8024C725EE5"  /?page=product&p_id=9884

someone might help me solve that problem?

However , [cde] doesn't examine query strings when carrying out a match. Rather, you will need to use [cde] to do your redirections.

Keeping that in your mind, out of your example URL, it may sound as if you want something similar to this: