I've got a specific need:

example.com/store/ must redirect to example.com/store2/

Which must redirect, not only a url 'rewrite', so I am speculating I want mod_alias, right? Anybody choose to share the right code for this? I am a little fuzzy with both mod_rewrite and mod_alias. (I really hope I requested this properly) Thanks!!

RewriteRule ^/store/(.*)/$ store2/$1 [R=301,L]

Should you mean you need to tell the browser to redirect its location, you just can perform this with [cde]:


Or even the following should you mean it is a permanent redirect:

Redirect /store http://example.com/store2

For your confusion, mod_alias is essentially a less complicated version of mod_rewrite. Estimating GreyWyvern:

Basically, if you are carrying out a "rewrite" which does not have complex conditions mounted on it, you ought to be using mod_alias. On the other hand, if you wish to redirect demands to files and query strings which you wouldn't want displayed within the browser's address bar, you ought to be using mod_rewrite