Sometimes to have an Web service provider and I've got a server with 1000's of customers 10MB of free storage. They understand this free storage with every e-mail account they've around. One particular customers storage address:

One problem I can tell is checking the server for user names to determine what accounts can be found, essentially getting a listing of our clients valid e-mail addresses. This is very, very bad.

So I am attempting to redirect to the home page if a person results in a customers account that's empty (I'd say 90% seem to be completely empty). I additionally don't want to merely -Indexes them and employ a custom 403 since the couple of clients which do rely on them, want +Indexes.

I understand I'm able to always just tell the clients to place a htaccess file within their directory with Options +indexes when they want directory listing, but that is a last measure.

How do i allow it to be virtually impossible to inform what accounts take presctiption the server although not being used whatsoever?

I can not see a method to do that with Apache rules alone - and even when, it might be pretty costly, checking for files on every incoming request.

I'd develop a script that puts the right .htaccess file, redirecting to your house page, into every completely empty account.

Maybe run it hourly, making customers conscious that when they populate a directory the very first time, it might take as much as an hour or so until their changes occur? I believe that might be an acceptable time period.