I'm attempting to make use of the following apache configuration on the Godaddy hosting that is shared account:

<Files ~ ".*">
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
RequestHeader unset Host
RequestHeader append Host mydomain.com

The above mentioned is found in b .htaccess file. Quite simply... For those files and pathways set the request's host to mydomain.com

The above mentioned does not appear to operate. I recieve a 500 error on Godaddy's servers.

Thanks muchly!

The response to this was supplied by Gumbo within the comments above

I rather believe that your pattern is incorrect. If using mod_rewrite inside a .htaccess file, the road prefix is being removed before put on the pattern. Therefore “/foo/bar” is transformed into “foo/bar” (when the .htaccess file is incorporated in the root “/”). So take away the leading slash in the pattern. – Gumbo February 23 at 14:29