Just how much memory and/or any other assets does Apache web server use?

What are lightweight servers efficient? Say appache versus. Mongoose Web Server

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Yes, lightweight servers tend to be more efficient with memory and assets, because the term 'lightweight' would indicate. nginx is really a popular one.

Apache's memory and resource usage is dependent a great deal on which you are doing by using it - which modules are loaded, what your PHP etc. scripts do. There is no single answer.

Apache Httpd is excellent if you want plenty of versatility that's provided via various mods. If you are searching for straight-up file serving or proxying, then some lightweight options may be better. I manage the Maven Central repo that will get countless hits each day and that i possess some knowledge about Nginx.

You need to consider your particular task, as well as the proven fact that nearly every web server has some kind of specialty area (a distinct segment). Apache is configurable and stable. nginx is very fast, but works just with static context. lighttpd is small, fast and does both static and dynamic context. Mongoose is embeddable, small , simple to use.

You will find a lot more web servers, I will not feel the whole list here. You have to choose which features would you require for the task, making a choice accordingly.