I've been using Apache on my small local LAN. However , i lately installed APC (together with PHP5-dev and apache2-dev). The response duration of Apache has reduced. It roughly takes 2 seconds to for any php page to load, while earlier it required around 500ms. Although in firebug is shows that old response occasions.

How can this be? How must i repair it?

Thanks greatly.

Update Which server must i install incase I re-install it? I would like really blazing fast LAN response occasions from the server. I'm planning ubuntu desktop 9.04. Or must i use ubuntu 8.04 server? or ubuntu 9.04 server?

Are you aware it is a server problem? I'd put on a brand new install of the OS or at best a browser, if you are using opera you may come with an addin interacting badly together with your site. Browse the client side first before presuming it's Apache. Second APC might be the issue. Because the site's in your lan it's most likely low traffic. APC may be investing time cashing the code but need to recash it each time the PHP page is loaded since visitors are so light.

This seems like some high memory usage for every time PHP begins. Check top in party when you open a webpage.

If you wantOrrequire blazing response time you can start reading through the books or getting in touch with an expert performance tuningjexpert for you personally don't appear to possess any measurement concept whatsoever.

I mean , the existence of statistics: LINUX stats, APC stats, apache stats, (php stats ?), LAN/WLAN stats and so on.

Measure and analyse your atmosphere instead of speculating. It breaks my heart when Waage suggests to make use of the very best command ... No wonder he never clarified after your > top shows 1. and apache shows 1. ...

Inside your situation you need a obvious picture regarding finish-2-finish response-time. (You ought to have setup a process sometime ago. No you're in danger and also you haven't even ready for firebattling)

The reason behind my writing to date is the presence of my complete apache/php/MySQL realtime monitor. Supports LINUX and home windows. Take a look in the picture ... (Put some pictures here but I'm not permitted to add pictures. My God.)

Just in case you're still thinking about an answer (your site entry is very old) please send me an e-mail. I'll then send some documentation.

Likewise try to enhance your apache-log-file info. Check following URL. Great for any initial step because you will get true apache response time to any extent further:


Sincerely, linuxaomi