I am running Apache 2.046 with PHP 5.x and i'm going through very odd behavior on the CodeIgniter application.

The frustrating factor is it isn't consistent.

From time to time after i contact my application Apache returns nothing. I am talking about nada. However I hit refresh and everything works not surprisingly. Sometimes I must hit "refreash" several occasions prior to the page will load. In other cases it comes down right up. After I began this publish it had been happening 80-90% of times. Now I can not appear to get it done. But it is been happening for a few days and so i trust the following handful of page visits I'll view it again.

This really is on the development box which has hardly any traffic. After I perform a PS I see several HTTP threads running - "top" discloses nothing not-expected (just like a runaway process).

After I tail the apache access logs I do not even visit a drenched request when Apache returns blank. No Apache or PHP errors are now being tossed.

I mention codeIgniter mostly because we are while using recommend .htaccess file with Mod Rewrite. And So I wasn't confident that which was adding towards the problem. Additionally, it doesn't appear to become a trouble with non-codeIgniter applications. That's difficult to say with full confidence because the problem is really sporadic.

It doesn't appear to become client problem as we are seeing this happen from multiple client machines.

I can not tell if this sounds like a server (hardware) problem, Apache problem or coding problem. Whether it's a memory problem?

Any ideas?


Within the PHP log file I received this:

PHP Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error--finish of buffer skipped in /data/www/coreLib/codeIgniter/system/libraries/Hooks.php online 226

Blank pages when utilizing CI are often triggered by php errors with error messages covered up.

Try re-enabling them and reloading.


If you think your Rewrite rules would be the supply of the issue, then crank mod_rewrite's logging gain levels and discover. Otherwise, the truth that everything works normally outdoors of the application makes this seem like it's an issue with your code or even the framework itself.