Could it be possbile to reverse proxy to internal server via HTTPS and serve the certificate in the after sales server rather than the certificate around the proxy?

In my opinion this can't be done because it would permit man in the middle attacks

Found this configuration as adopted:

  • You've ONE Domain with various subdomains as VHOSTs (,, ..)
  • You've got a Wildcard-Certificate for the domain *
  • You'll need mod_proxy
  • with Proxy directives works best for different servernames matching *
  • If you will find not other webservers behind the proxy, add without SSL for the domain names what are proxied within the VirtualHost:443 configuration above.

Hot chick! Could not think that this works, however it appears to! Not found any specs to that particular behavior, but try yourself.

With xox, ~Marcel

P.S: NOT regarding any security doubts here! Please bear in mind these proxy calls towards the "after sales" are unsecured and for that reason (as like pointed out by Take advantage of) potentially harmful!

konqi> That's virtually overturn proxy configuration I have used for a long time, having a rewrite rule rather than proxy directives which didn't work nicely here.

RewriteEngine On
# is the virtualhost in the allowed server list ?
RewriteCond %{SERVERNAME} ^(server1|server2|server3|server4)\.domain\.com$
# then redirect to the real server (which the virtualhost name resolves to on the proxy)
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [P]
# else block it all
RewriteRule ^.*$ - [F]