I'm getting a difficult time obtaining the rewrite rule setup properly for this site&blog. This is actually the current line in Apache's virtual host:

RewriteRule ^/(?:blog|apc|_em|phpsecinfo|blog/)/ - [L]

I can access my URL at www.domainname.com/blog/ However I am not able to gain access to it at www.domainname.com/blog (with no ending /)

How do i edit my Rewrite rule to ensure that I'm able to achieve your blog with no ending / ? Thanks

This ought to help:

RewriteRule ^/(blog|apc|_em|phpsecinfo)$ /$1/ [R,L]
RewriteRule ^/(?:blog|apc|_em|phpsecinfo)/ - [L]

Add the ? modifier to whatever slash you need to make optional:

RewriteRule ^/(?:blog|apc|_em|phpsecinfo)/? - [L]