I've got a website allows say www.abc.com at /home/abc/public_html as document root, it features a couple of rewrite rules. Now I wish to point www.abc.com to same document root and employ exactly the same rewrite rules for www.abc.com.

I'd redirect www.abc.com to www.abc.com using rewrite however i shouldn't alter the url being displayed towards the site visitors.

Can there be any means to fix redirect the domain and never display although not display the rerouted url ?

Also i wish to make use of the existing rewrite rules after redirection to abc.com

The rewrite rules possess the domain title hardcoded, i wish to generalize rewrite rules.

eg. RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} ^xyz.com$ RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://www.xyz.com/$1 [L,R]

Any help could be highly appreciated.


If you can get the central configuration, you're searching for [cde].

The ServerAlias directive sets the alternate names for any host, to be used with title-based virtual hosts.


should you don't have the central configuration, only to <VirtualHost *> ServerName server.domain.com ServerAlias server server2.domain.com server2 # ... </VirtualHost> files, I do not think you could do.