Possibly what I have to do is not possible however i cannot find relevant details about it.

Problem: I've inherited an internet site with ugly and meaningless Web addresses and I have been requested to ensure they are memorable (must have been done to begin with!), now, I must turn this:


into this:


(e.g. www.domain.com/page.php?id=100 => www.domain.com/agenda)

Can you really do?

You will have to result in the connection from agenda to id 100 somewhere. If the does not change (i do not assume this is the situation) you are able to define one rule for every site.

If it's not static than you'll have to modify the application and perhaps the database schema. The simplest way - for me - is always to give a column sitename for your DB table where the sites are saved and make up a unique index onto it. Than you need to improve your application to permit Web addresses like page.php?sitename=agenda.

You'll be able to add rewrite rules that translalte www.domain.com/agenda to www.domain.com/page.php?sitename=agenda