I've an apache server that functions as a reverse proxy within our DMZ. There's an exterior service that posts back to particular URL about this server. There's a necessity let's focus on this particular service to postback for an entirely new application, but this will in all probability change again soon as we are inside a testing phase at this time.

To resolve this, I am trying to accept incoming postback request, /smsPostback.php, and rewrite it to a different relative URL, /SMSHandler/Process. This part is working.

However defined immediately below within the config, I've got a ProxyPass directive to proxy all visitors to /SMSHandler for an internal server.

Fundamental essentials new lines in the apache conf file:

RewriteRule ^/smsPostback.php$ /SMSHandler/Process 
##Proxy pass smshandler
ProxyPass /SMSHandler
ProxyPassReverse /SMSHandler

And fundamental essentials logs in the rewrite log: - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (2) init rewrite engine with requested uri /smsPostback.php - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (3) applying pattern '^/smsPostback.php$' to uri '/smsPostback.php' - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (2) rewrite '/smsPostback.php' -> '/SMSHandler/Process' - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (2) local path result: /SMSHandler/Process - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (2) prefixed with document_root to C:/hidden.com/SMSHandler/Process - - [24/Jan/2012:18:43:36 --0500] [test.hidden.com/sid#5eace0][rid#446b770/initial] (1) go-ahead with C:/hidden.com/SMSHandler/Process [OK]

Which is the mistake log entry from apache:

[Tue Jan 24 18:43:36 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/fmfacilitymaintenance.com/SMSHandler

Any ideas why it never reverse proxies the request, but instead tries (and fails) for everyone it in your area?? Thanks!

You have to give a PT (PassThrough) for your RewriteRule to ensure that apache takes the rewritten URI and passes it back with the URL handling pipeline (to ensure that mod_proxy are designed for it). The rule need to look such as this:

RewriteRule ^/smsPostback.php$ /SMSHandler/Process [L,PT]