I am attempting to implement persistent Web addresses under Apache and I am getting trouble obtaining the URL passed back in the RewriteMap to stay hidden. That's, basically possess the PURL:


and also the planned value for this is:


I would like the PURL to become the URL displayed within the browser address bar. Regrettably, it keeps exhibiting the website the PURL maps to rather. My rule may be the following:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /psearch(/)*$
RewriteMap mapper prg:/scripts/rewritetest.pl
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ ${mapper:$1} [L]

All of the mapper does at this time is return a URL for any test page around the system, since I am looking to get the address hiding working. And That I know I am not getting the parameters at this time, I am just looking to get the exam running while using psearch keywork, and can add the relaxation later if you can hide the address.

Any assistance is appreciated, Thanks!

Works out the issue was which i was coming back the entire URL, which forced a complete redirect. Passing back only the REQUEST_URI portion made things work.

Forcing the headers to run out also assisted, since things were getting cached which were covering when something was working correctly.