I am using CodeIgniter and that i my controller filenames and sophistication names are named according to documentation.

On a single particular controller, initially when i first load it having a lowercase URL, it really works fine. Basically alter the URL with an initial cap, still it works. However, then returning to lowercase - the identical URL that labored before - leads to a segmentation fault in Apache.

I've erased from the controller, aside from a clear method, and that i continue to obtain the same issue. I've attempted on two separate servers and obtain exactly the same problem, whether Time passes from upper to reduce, or lower to upper. I've restarted both servers.

I am also getting problems obtaining a core dump, but that is another story. I am just wondering if anybody recognises the problem.

EDIT: I wound up simply using lowercase with everything else, which labored.

Are you currently using any type of caching in your servers? Could they be stock Apache servers with no modification? What goes on should you download a duplicate of XAMPP on your local machine and run exactly the same code, are you currently obtaining the same errors?

If you're able to identify whether it's a server or code problem, only then do we can function after that.