have you considered the very best companies which offer apache solr Like A SERVICE? where i'm able to simply upload (or edit via some web user interface) my index and config files for SOLR and just begin using it

i don't want to become breaking my mind with any kind of server administration on tomcat

just update my index and config files... tell solr where you can search for data to index (via data import handlers) and thats it simply begin using it

any kind of load balancing / mirrors could be like icing around the cake

cost is not important since it's for mission critical applications

please not suggest me as well up my very own servers on amazon . com or rackspace or abc after which deploy solr in it and manage all of the administration - because thats what i wish to avoid to begin with completely

thanks ahead of time

You can test getting in touch with Lucidworks with this question.

I heard these were dealing with Boomi on PaaS/Saas for his or her Lucidworks 1.4.
Although Boomi don't clearly say they support Solr, this web seminar might point to these were dealing with Lucidworks to incorporate their Solr-based internet search engine within their portfolio.
Even when Lucidworks individuals don't provide SaaS, they are surely the best address to request who.

Best of luck during your search and please return to us using the information you find...

Also take a look at world wide web.websolr.com. We host our Solr for searching our Wordpress site through them. An alternative choice in beta is SolrHQ.com.

You will get professional Solr hosting at http://world wide web.opensolr.com