I've got a rewrite rule from the following form:

RewriteRule ^foo/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ foo.php?arg=$1 [qsa,nc]

It requires web addresses from the form /foo/bar and changes these to /foo.php?arg=bar

It really works correctly in your area, also it creates my old host however i moved to a different host (running ubuntu) also it reacts in a different way.

Around the new host apache notices that there's a foo.php and calls it directly. Quite simply, web addresses from the form /foo/bar are noticed as /foo.php. Basically relabel foo.php to foo_junk.php and alter the rewrite rule to become

RewriteRule ^foo/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ foo_junk.php?arg=$1 [qsa,nc]

It all works. Therefore it is not too I did not enable overrides or which i unsuccessful to set up mod_rewrite or anything. Rewrites work, they are just being carried out in a different point along the way of solving a url compared to what they are in your area.

It is possible to configuration choice for this?

Try crippling [cde]: