I setup an Apache server with an old laptop last evening (apache2) simply to experiment on. It labored fine on my small laptop, and that i might get webpages from this using their company computer systems on my small local network. After restarting the pc, however, the Apache server isn't visible around the local network.

nmap TCP connect(), Syn, and ping scans demonstrated the host was lower. An nmap -PN scan, however, demonstrated the host expires and all sorts of 1000 scanned ports are strained.

PHP, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin are working perfectly on localhost, the only issue I'm able to find is the fact that nothing creates local network.

Thanks ahead of time for that help.

You havent stated in your OS, but, there might be a nearby firewall, or, a big change of IP (it may be DHCP) or DNS hasnt swept up correctly with DHCP..

a netstat -a should let you know what ports are now being took in on. Check it is not just listening on 127...1