We've Ruby Rails and Apache tomcat servers running around the samw home windows server. Once the Application on Apache Tomcat is installed alone its working fine, however when the ruby application is installed, the Apace Tomcat Application reduces. We have to have both applications running on a single server. Help. The applying running on Tomcat is exhibiting the login screens and permitting the customers the login. After which relaxation of the things that are failing. The applying running on Ruby is simply fine not surprisingly. Also, we installed Apace Tomcat after which Ruby onto this server. so you will find lots of chances the Ruby required Tomcat's port. But exactly how to determine the overlap?

You most likely have both attempting to bind to port 80. Whatever server you are using for rails (passenger via nginx/apache http server, nginx+thin/mongrel, etc) is certain to port 80, then tomcat attempts to perform the same and should not.

If you are using nginx, I'd configure tomcat to operate on 8080 and reverse proxy http demands to tomcat in line with the hostname of area of the url.

This can be done too with apache http server with mod_proxy.